The Self Awareness Institute is a company that promotes the integration of consciousness and neuroscience as a new approach to the cultural and educational development of human beings.
Educational scientific research provides us with a deeper understanding of the mind and our being, while the wisdom of our history guides us towards a broader vision of our future.

By combining ancient wisdom with the discoveries of modern neuroscience, we create a conducive environment for the expansion of consciousness. Scientific research provides us with a deeper understanding of the mind and brain, while the pursuit of wisdom guides us towards a broader comprehension of our existence.

We support the evolution of the individual through philosophical discussions, artistic performances, scientific lectures, and educational programs to stimulate personal growth by managing emotions and discovering one's inner resources.
Our vision is a society where awareness, gratitude, and compassion drive cooperation among individuals and social evolution, becoming the fundamental pillars to build a future world where peace is at the heart of our existence.



The International School of Self Awareness initiates a new PHASE in the growth of every individual, drawing from PHILOSOPHY, ART, SCIENCE, and ECONOMICS as tools capable of guiding us in the development of new personal, professional, and relational skills. In doing so, making a significant contribution to all those who are in search and direct their attention to the process and the very meaning of life.

Our events are a unique experience, dedicated to inner exploration and personal growth. They are designed for all those who wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery. To immerse oneself in life with greater awareness, open up to others, and transform every moment into an opportunity.

If the development of emotional intelligence in human resources has been considered by all the greatest leaders over the last thirty years as the fundamental approach in determining the success of human resources within companies. In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and virtual context, the major and rapid changes of modern society highlight the need for the development of additional capabilities, namely neuro-existential skills.

The Dimensions of Being.

Our work is dedicated to the discovery and exploration of the four dimensions of being and their harmonization: Body, Emotions, Mind, and Spirit to work in harmony with the energies that constitute us.


The body as a tool for investigation and knowledge for the transformation of inner processes. Through observation and work on this dimension, we can overcome the limits we impose on ourselves. It represents the solid foundation on which to build our path of growth.


In the profound dimension of the heart, lie the emotions that guide our choices and our most authentic desires. Discovering what we truly want and managing our emotions constructively is essential for creating a meaningful life and orienting ourselves towards what is truly important to us.


Our mind is an inexhaustible source of possibilities. It is here that the domain of creativity and vision lies. Learning to harness the power of the mind is the training to transform challenges into opportunities, to bring our aspirations to life, turning dreams into achievable goals.


The Spirit is our aspiration; it is the most essential part of ourselves. It is here that our true essence resides, where we can listen to the deepest and most intimate requests of our being.
It is at this level of our being that we find the strength, wisdom, and awareness of who we truly are.



It is precisely in our mind where the realm of possibility exists, where everything can be created in favor of the life we truly want.
Meditation is a valuable tool for our inner development, to find peace of mind, and to connect with our true essence.

Meditation allows us to achieve that intimate contact with ourselves, which puts us in touch with the inner world and expresses important attitudes, such as feeling good, being grateful, and living in harmony with ourselves and others.


A new discipline to stimulate the synchronicity of the hemispheres, connect with, and explore one's inner world, involving body, emotions, and thoughts with the aim of restoring harmony and the connection between the different parts of our being.

The extraordinary sense of rhythm, the precision of movement, its agility, and creativity, the study of movements and postures that are closely related to forms of thought and feeling, and the execution of exercises that help the connection between mind, emotions, and body to promote communication, aim to activate new abilities and talents within us.


Meetings that draw inspiration from the ancient practices of traditional Yoga and evolve into contemporary practices of Mindfulness and Self-Awareness.

Specifically, it offers a path for the realization of the Self through the identification and development of a dynamic balance point of Body, Emotions, Mind, and Spirit.

To meet the needs of a fast-paced and rapidly changing world, it provides practical tools to achieve overall well-being and an authentic, balanced, and harmonious lifestyle.


The basic course offered by the International School of Self Awareness is a set of events for personal discovery and transformation, created with the intention of providing effective tools for each individual to navigate their life with awareness.  The journey is divided into several stages, each of which is designed to delve into a specific aspect of the self-awareness process.

The journey is divided into several stages, each of which is designed to delve into a specific aspect of the self-awareness process.


December 28-29 2023 - IDEAS.

An extraordinary IDEAS event in London.

The dimensions of the representation of reality.
Defining and nurturing aspiration.
Confronting the process of becoming.

Silence, Enjoyment, Emptiness.
Studies on the masks of the mind.
The 5 actions of the theatrical act.

March 24, 2024 - IDEAS.

An extraordinary IDEAS event in Tel Aviv.

Inner technologies
Ancient traditions.
Quadrato Motor Training

Overview of Spherical Economics: Charting the Path.
Gratitude as a Relationship Advantage.
Educating for well-being.


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