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12 video lessons
with Patrizio Paoletti

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Patrizio Paoletti

Patrizio Paoletti is the founder of the International School of Self Awareness. For more than 40 years he has been teaching this practice to thousands of people.

In this free course of 12 video lessons, you will explore:

  • What meditation is and what it is useful for
  • The three levels of human beings (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Self-awareness
  • The scientific benefits of meditation
  • The power of meditation to make us happy now, and to enjoy life
  • 12 GUIDED MEDITATIONS with Patrizio

The Video-course Program

  1. Introductory lesson on meditation
  2. Physical Relaxation
  3. Recovering Energy
  4. The body’s light
  5. The dimension of emotions
  6. The correct positioning
  7. The relationship with the world
  8. Giving yourself the right time
  9. The dimension of the mind
  10. Silence
  11. Compassion
  12. The choice


One of the greatest benefits of Patrizio's 12-lesson meditation course is having transformed my idea of time. It allowed me to restructure my weekly schedule and how I prioritize my days by detailing what I love and what makes me feel good.


It would be very helpful for every human being today to walk this path.


There is a place inside me (in all of us) made of silence and when I manage to stay there, I feel an incredible sense of peace. It's a place where I feel I can accept myself as I am, with all my fragilities and all my strengths.


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